Project Overview

Nutella “Breakfast with the Animals”

Nutella, the original hazelnut spread, challenged us to find a way to make breakfast time special for families.  The objective was to create unique experiences around the breakfast occasion to reinforce Nutella’s commitment to being at the center of memorable moments between parents & kids.  Based on this challenge, the goal was to create moments of “Wow!” and put Nutella in a position where they could play an active role in bringing families closer together with a shared breakfast experience.

What We Did

Building on a commitment to make breakfast time special for families, “Breakfast with the Animals”, presented by Nutella, offered families the opportunity to enjoy curated breakfast experiences at 10 of the top zoos across the country to enjoy the #WildSideofBreakfast.

These immersive experiences started with a delicious early morning breakfast featuring animal-shaped pancakes with Nutella in a unique and intimate setting at the zoo, often overlooking popular animal habitats.  Live chef demonstrations highlighted fun Nutella recipes for families to try at home.

Breakfast with the Animals was promoted exclusively through zoo-owned digital channels with strong on-site branding including table top signs featuring QR codes to take a fun interactive quiz to learn about what animals eat for breakfast to win a behind the scenes tour.

Keeper chats and VIP behind the scenes experiences educated guests about animals favorite “breakfast.” Animal ambassadors including a Sealion, Macaw, Porcupine, Owl, Iguana, and many more, engaged with parents & kids, often live at the breakfast.

Branded educational signage at habitats offered fun facts about animal diets.  Brand ambassadors welcomed and engaged guests while also offering Nutella samples to general zoo attendees following each breakfast.

The Result

Breakfast with the Animals was a roaring success delivering actual Wow moments to parents & kids while creating unforgettable memories offering brand love for Nutella that will last a lifetime.

Every breakfast event sold out often within 24-48 hours , validating families’ appetite to enjoy special moments together

4,063 breakfast attendees.

20M+ impressions across on-site branding, signage, social, website, eNewsletters, and mobile display ads

81k responses to “What do Animals Eat for Breakfast” digital trivia quiz

57k Nutella samples distributed.


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