Project overview

Swedish Fish “Chomped”

Swedish Fish has a strong level of brand awareness, but admittedly had been lacking engagement. Allionce Group partnered with The Mondelez Int’l brand, the parent company of a variety of well-known and loved food products including Oreo, Ritz, Chips Ahoy! and Swedish Fish. An increased investment in the renowned red gummies meant the first big marketing push in over a decade. With the help of Allionce Group, Swedish Fish continues to expand the program, most recently finishing our third year activating an integrated program across the country.

Swedish Fish Shark Week Activation

What We Did

In our plan to increase brand engagement, we knew exactly where to go.

With over 195 million annual visits to zoos and aquariums throughout the U.S., these venues provided a direct pipeline for Swedish Fish to engage directly with millennial parents and their kids. The primary objectives of the program were to drive sales, create attractive messaging, deepen an emotional connection and increase visibility. Timing our program activation with Discovery Channel’s Shark Week notably boosted participation among consumers. Allionce Group sourced, fabricated and executed 3D graphics popular for photos, produced movie nights, and hosted a sold-out VIP event.

Swedish Fish Scavenger Hunt

The Result

Our work resulted in 58 events at 14 aquariums, 174,000 samples handed out, 433 hours of branded content engagement, and 4,425 survey responses highlighting “brand love.”

We were pleased to have our case study honored in the Ex Awards, the world’s premiere recognition program for the experiential marketing industry, as the Gold Winner for Best Sampling Campaign.


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