Project Overview

Teddy Grahams “Discover With Teddy”

Allionce worked with Teddy Grahams to strategically design, manage, and execute an integrated marketing campaign to bring the brand to life in a fun and relevant way. Alongside Teddy, the Teddy Grahams mascot, Allionce set up entertaining branding opportunities and fun experiences for millions of zoo-goers to easily encounter and enjoy.  Spanning 26 targeted markets across the country, the campaign featured a unique mix of branding, sponsorship, experiential and digital components, all of which allowed Teddy Grahams to engage directly with millennial parents and their children.  This was a strong example of what an integrated zoo sponsorship looks like with national scale and local activation!

What We Did

The “Discover With Teddy” campaign focused on brand positioning and aligning all marketing assets in the brand’s spirit.

Allionce ran the campaign featuring relevant sponsorships and events to engage with guests, as well as on-site sampling designed to add to the guest experience. We installed brightly colored tents, handed out product samples, and created games and scavenger hunts to inspire playful curiosity in children. Branding opportunities within the program were customized to maximize exposure at each location. At the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, Teddy Grahams’ signage was seamlessly integrated into the zoo’s bear exhibits and featured educational tips and fun facts about the bears. At the Saint Louis Zoo, Teddy sponsored their Summer Concert Series and activated with both a scavenger hunt and with a fun cornhole Teddy Toss. At the Cleveland Zoo, Teddy was presenting sponsor of their Nature Discovery Ridge playground area and at the Oakland Zoo, presenting sponsor of Volunteer Week.

In addition to sparking interest in the Teddy Grahams product, one of our goals was to integrate education about animals, especially bears, into our marketing campaign. This included an interactive “How Much Do You Know About Bears” quiz promoted through zoo’s digital channels, giving participants a chance to win free tickets or membership.

Teddy Grahams Zoo Sponsorship case study

The Result

Allionce worked with zoos in 26 markets across the U.S., initiated 191 sampling events and distributed almost 500,000 samples, established integrated sponsorship and branding, created popular discovery scavenger hunts and games, and helped design mobile geo-fencing ads.

Zoo-owned digital channels promoted the interactive bear quiz delivering 20k engagements. More than 1,700 Brand health surveys were conducted and local sales of Teddy Grahams were activated, connecting Teddy Grahams with countless families and increasing brand awareness among key demographics.


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